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Gitai Vinshtok Headshot 2022_edited.webp

Gitai Vinshtok

Song Leader: Guitar, Piano, Drums & Bass


Gitai Vinshtok grew up in Reseda, California and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 2017. Studying composition in college, Gitai knows the power music has to communicate feelings and connect people across boundaries. After years as a private teacher, in 2019 he began working as the Music Specialist at OurSpace LA, a program in Encino, California for children and adults with special needs and unique abilities. He is also currently a song-leader at ETTA, a program for adults with special needs. In addition to singing Gitai plays guitar, piano, drums, and bass, and hopes to spread the light of music to enrich every corner of his expanding community.

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