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Alec Kwo

Teaching Artist


Alec Kwo is a producer and keyboardist originally from the Midwest. He studied jazz harmony at Santa Clara University and is a self-taught producer. Alec produces hip-hop and R&B, teaches music production (Ableton Live & Garage Band), piano (music theory & jazz harmony), and analog synthesis out of his home studio near K-Town; he also provides early childhood education music classes throughout LA County.


Alec began as a music therapy assistant for Rhythm & Truth in 2021 and has worked with foster youth populations, teens recovering from substance use disorders, adults with schizophrenia, and more. Combining his jazz harmony background, music production skills, and experience working with various populations across the age and mental health spectrum, Alec provides a unique and modern approach that allows his students and clients alike to connect deeply with the music they love and express themselves fully as artists and people.

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