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Music & Art Therapy

Rhythm & Youth

Rhythm & Truth is dedicated to empowering youth in Southern California though evidence based music & art therapy techniques. Our goal is to nurture empathy and resilience by creating a greater sense of connection, joy and hope for adolescents in mental health facilities, elementary, middle and high schools, homeless shelters, residential treatment, juvenile detention, community centers and group homes. 

Rhythm & Renew

Our Board Certified Music Therapists and Art Therapists specialize in mental health services for all ages, including addiction, trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and phobias. We partner with treatment centers in the greater Los Angeles, offering regular music therapy sessions as an intrinsic piece in the mosaic of recovery. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our list of Jam Partners.

Rhythm & You

R&T provides in-home music and art therapy services, as well as adaptive music lessons. We specialize in working with neuro-divergent youth and adults, and individuals with disabilities. Please fill out our INTAKE FORM for more information.

Rhythm & Groove

Rhythm & Truth offers drum circle facilitation for any occasion. If you are looking for an experience that will be unforgettable and bring about laughter, unity, levity, release, energy and FUN, a drum circle is a great option for you! Community drum circles are a wonderful enhancement for corporate events, conferences, wellness trainings, graduations, school assemblies, weddings, baby showers, ceremonies, transitions, rites of passage, birthday parties, camps, celebrations, and family reunions. No musical experience necessary. All drums/percussion instruments provided and we come to you!

Rhythm & Bloom

Rhythm & Truth offers private and public wellness classes that are centered around relaxation, mindful restoration and creative expression. Methods include HeartMath breathing techniques, sound vibrations/sound baths, meditation, gentle movement & intentional dance, world instrument play, drum massage, chant/mantra/songwriting, and creative arts (clay, charcoal, mandalas, chalk, self portraiture, & drum painting.) All sessions are nature infused or nature inspired and can be held in meditation/retreat/spiritual centers, yoga studios, private homes or outdoors. 

Rhythm & Womb

For more information on our prenatal, birth, postpartum and early childhood music therapy, please visit our sister site CradleSong Birthing.

Rhythm & Boomers

Rhythm & Truth provides family and peer music and art therapy groups for seniors and older adults in memory care and assisted living facilities. These sessions focus on group singing, instrument play, movement to music and song sharing, focusing on the tunes that were booming during the good ol’ days. We also provide legacy songwriting and the creation of Life Soundtracks. It might look like just a great time, but through laughing, reminiscing and music making, we are fostering social bonds, encouraging gentle exercise, improving quality of life, providing a full brain workout and so much more!

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