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Resistance to Resilience

Rhythm & Truth is excited to offer continuing education opportunities for working professionals looking to enhance their skills in the use of music with adolescents.

  • Deepen your work with teens

  • Learn best practices for using music with youth

  • 12 weeks long

  • Self-paced

  • Interactive

  • 100% online

  • Professional mentorship

  • Ongoing community support 

  • Access to curated playlists

  • Cutting edge research and fascinating scientific studies 

  • 4 different specialized courses to choose from 

  • Intimate learning environment (space is limited) 

  • 40 Continuing Education Units available (CEUs) each! 

  • Specifically created for expressive arts therapists, music therapists, licensed clinicians, teaching artists, musicians, sound healers, drum circle facilitators, educators and practitioners

& support

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music & meditation

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& insight

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lyrics & listening

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Course Feedback

Hear directly from Board Certified Music Therapists and other professionals about how the Resistance to Resilience courses impacted their practice and informed their approach.


From Music Therapists Who Have Taken a Rhythm & Truth Training

"Very very helpful! This population is overlooked and I now feel I have some foundational skills to start diving into some sessions. Thank you for demonstrating cultural humility as well. This was a great training! I think the rhythms were authentic to Hip-Hop culture and I appreciate that!"

"I am a 40 year old music therapist. Growing up, I watched a lot of MTV hearing Salt-N-Pepa, Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C and even buying the cassette tape of Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic in 6th grade. During my time in college, I developed an interest in learning the music history of all genres, and have even created an African-American music history unit that ends with Hip Hop."

"I currently work at an inpatient psychiatric facility doing music therapy with people from children and adolescents, adults, and geriatric units. I encounter listeners of Hip Hop and Rap from all three units! Adolescents and young adults, especially, request Hip Hop artists and Rappers that I have never heard of before, as well as multiple branches of styles that have recently developed. Through the pandemic, I have been facilitating a lot more music listening and song discussion groups. As a result of these listening groups, as well as the events and issues made prevalent through the Black Lives Matter movement, I now realize that I never really listened to Hip Hop and fully understood the history, the development and the messages of Hip Hop, and the impact and the importance of Hip Hop to its listeners. I knew I needed something more."

"I took Summer Lall’s  4 Tools for Teens workshop and was immediately engaged through her authenticity and freshness. She presented Hip Hop as an important and impactful part of youth and music, as well as an accessible tool for music therapist to be able to integrate into sessions.
Tools 4 Teens inspired me to take her course From Resistance to Resilience: Transforming Teens through Songwriting and Support."

"The weekly readings readings, listening, and group discussions that Summer facilitated helped me to discover the deeper meaning of Hip Hop and the connection that youth develop with Hip Hop music. After taking Summer’s course, I am more confident in my ability to create a space for clients to use Hip Hop in sessions for engaging in conversations, expressing emotions, telling their own stories, creativity and self-expression, creating their own music, and developing social skills and group cohesion.
I have encountered many clients that are passionate about Hip Hop. After taking Summer’s course, I have a new found compassion for bringing Hip Hop to their music therapy experience aimed toward finding healing, wellness, and resilience." - K.M. MT-BC

Mission Statement 

At Rhythm & Truth, our mission is to provide high quality therapeutic and educational services through the medium of expressive arts in order to contribute to a thriving society as well as encourage professional excellence by offering specialty courses for creative practitioners working with youth.

Cancellation Policy 

We offer a full refund if notified of a cancellation 7 days before course begins. If it is less than 7 days, we can offer a 50% refund. We are not able to offer a refund after the course has started and failure to complete all coursework by the class deadline will result in needing to re-register and repay for the class in order to receive the continuing education units. For extenuating circumstances, we can issue a credit which the student can use for the same course at a later date when it is being offered again.

Grievance Policy 

Every participant has the right to file a grievance. Participants have the right to file a grievance regarding online or live events, training, or presenter behavior within 90 days of completion of the course relating to the grievance. Participants have the right to contact Summer Lall, founder, at


Participants have the right to be notified in writing about the decision of the grievance within 90 days of filing.  Any participant has the right to file an appeal to the decision made by Rhythm & Truth. regarding the grievance within 90 days of written decision.  


Any participant has the right to have an unresolved grievance addressed by the CBMT Continuing Education Committee.


Grievance Procedures: To execute a right to file a grievance a participant must:


1. Contact Summer Lall, MT-BC, Founder, in writing within 90 days of the occurrence at

2. Include a written testimony of the grievance including the nature of the grievance with important details like the date, location, presenter or course content/material related to grievance.

3. Provide copies of any evidence related to their participation at the event in question or evidence of the actual grievance occurring when requested by the continuing education director.

4. Agree to be interviewed via phone or web for any follow up testimony required or questions.  Rhythm & Truth will strive to resolve all grievances within 90 days and maintain the highest level of participant satisfaction possible.


Rhythm & Truth will always execute the following steps in response to a grievance being filed:

1. Provide a written response within 30 days of the filing of a grievance that the grievance has been received and reviewed.

2. Provide the participant filing the grievance with the following timeline for the review process:

a. within 30 days:  notified of receipt and review process begins.

b. within 60 days:  all parties involved, including the filer, will be contacted for interview to gather more information, evidence and testimony as needed.

c. within 90 days: render a written decision to the participant regarding grievance.

3. Provide a date and amount of expected refund in the case of justified grievance within 120 days of the original grievance filing.

4. Provide a list of suggested third party reviewers for participant to choose in the case an appeal to the decision may be desired.


Right to file an appeal:  In the event that Rhythm & Truth rules against a filed grievance a participant may refer to the following procedures to file an appeal:

1. Inform Summer Lall, MT-BC, Founder, of request for an appeal in writing within 90 days of completion of the initial grievance decision via email


 2. Submit a written statement of reasons for appeal including any original or additional evidence to support the grievance.

3. Agree upon a neutral party arbitrator to review the initial grievance decision and the written appeal.

4. Provide copies of any appeal related evidence confirming participation at the event in question or evidence of the actual grievance occurring when requested by the continuing education director.

5. Agree to be interviewed via phone or web by the third-party arbitrator for any follow up testimony required or questions.


When the initial grievance procedures and appeal processes have been completed the decision made by the third-party arbitrator will be communicated to Summer Lall, MT-BC and the following process will be executed:

1. Rhythm & Truth will provide a written statement of the appeal decision and process.

2. In cases of justified grievance decision, Summer Lall, MT-BC, Founder, will provide a written offer for a monetary refund of registration and course fees to the participant within 30 days of the appeal decision.  All written offers shall include amount and date of distribution of funds returned to participant.

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